Give a Gift of Thanks to Support Early Childhood Educators this Giving Tuesday

Thankful for early childhood educators this Giving Tuesday

COVID-19 changed the world as we know it. Our daily routines, jobs, classrooms and activities have all had to adjust to a “new normal.” COVID-19 has shown our country what Child Care Services Association has always known—the child care workforce keeps our economy running. Yet, early childhood educators continue to earn low wages despite the important work they do for children’s early learning.

Science shows that our brains develop the fastest in our earliest years, setting a foundation for all future learning. When all children have that healthy foundation, everyone does better. Children are happier and more ready to enter school and parents are secure knowing their child is being cared for and educated in a stable environment.

While child care programs are still struggling as they meet the needs of our changing workforce, early childhood educators are resilient, resolute and adaptable, even with reduced staff, enrollment, funds and other crucial resources. We’re incredibly grateful for the remarkable work they do to give children the stability and certainty they need during a time when instability still disrupts our lives.

We want to remind you, amidst all the uncertainty, to take today to appreciate the educators who work selflessly to mold children’s lives in a positive direction, ensuring the success of their future—of our future. Take time to say a special “Thank You” to an exceptional educator and recognize them for the inspiring work they do.

If you can, please donate this Giving Tuesday to Child Care Services Association as we continue supporting the backbone of our nation’s economy and protect the early education that is vital to children’s development. Your gift may help support a parent starting to return to work or an early childhood educator who wants to finish an early childhood education degree—our work results in enormous benefits for children, families and the community.

Please help us ensure every child has an excellent start to lifelong learning in a safe, nurturing, quality environment. Donate today!