Do I qualify?

Do I qualify? (AWARD$)

To be eligible for at least one six-month payment during the fiscal year, applicants must:

1) Work at least 35 hours per week with infants, ones or twos.

2) Work in a facility with at least three stars. Family child care providers are not eligible in year one. Future eligibility is still being discussed with DCDEE.

3) Earn at or below $18/hour.

4) Have one of the education levels listed on the AWARD$ Salary Supplement Scale (from regionally accredited schools).

5) Work at least six months in the same child care program.

6) Be employed at this same child care program when funding is available and a final confirmation has been completed.

*All North Carolina counties participate in the AWARD$ program.

Still unsure if you’re eligible? Call an AWARD$ counselor at 919-967-3272. We are available by phone Monday thru Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. When calling please reference AWARD$.