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Fall 2018 CCSA Communicates Newsletter

Read the newest edition of CCSA Communicates here, where you can see all of our activity, successes and plans. Our thoughts are with the communities affected by Hurricane Florence, and we are working with state and federal organizations to assess and meet the needs of child care programs and professionals throughout the state.

We Must Focus on the Early Childhood Workforce

When businesses consider expansion or relocation, they look for thriving communities with a strong social infrastructure that promotes a good quality of life. A key component of this social infrastructure is early care and education. Research tells us that high quality early learning opportunities both foster children’s development and facilitate parents’ employment. Read more… 

Working with Future Leaders

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to work on an Early Childhood Homelessness – 50 State Profile at a time when states were just beginning to look at early childhood services to young children experiencing homelessness. I was fortunate to be able to work with an intern, Jinha Yoon, who had just graduated from Georgetown and who had a passion for data. Jinha was excited to be part of this project and I was excited to have her ability to do magic with the multitude of data and spreadsheets! The first 50 state profile was released in January 2015 using 2013 data. Read more… 

Child Care Stories

For Child Care Services Association, quality child care means healthy, happy children. Children who start kindergarten ready to grow, learn and succeed. Children who become successful, healthy adults. On this Mother’s Day weekend, CCSA celebrates mothers and the other incredible women in our lives. Read the first in our series, Child Care Stories, about the strong impact quality child care has on children, their families, child care professionals and our communities. Read more… 

Early Childhood Homelessness

Homelessness is a reality for many families with young children in our country. In fact, infancy is the period of life when a person is at highest risk of living in a homeless shelter in the U.S. And families with younger parents are at higher risk of experiencing sheltered homelessness than families with relatively older parents. Learn more… 



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Strolling Thunder Puts Booties on the Ground

On Thursday, June 7, the North Carolina Early Education Coalition (the Coalition) took Raleigh by storm with the first Strolling Thunder event at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences and Bicentennial Plaza. Click here to read more about how the Coalition brought families with young children and other early childhood advocates to the NC General Assembly to raise public awareness and speak with their policymakers about making the potential of every baby in North Carolina a top priority.