Durham PreK

We are excited to be working with Durham County Government, Durham’s Partnership for Children, Durham Public Schools, Durham Head Start and numerous other community partners to expand access to high-quality preschool classrooms to Durham’s four-year-olds.

As part of the new Durham PreK investments, Durham will:

  • improve quality in preschool programs by funding a variety of quality improvement activities, including paying for coaching and professional development for teachers;
  • support higher wages and compensation for those teachers by paying higher reimbursement rates than currently available for NC Pre-K;
  • expand access for four-year-old children by paying for new spaces and by increasing eligibility guidelines to include most families; and
  • offer a mixed-delivery system of PreK for four-year-olds by partnering with high-quality child care programs in the community, Durham Public Schools and Head Start.

Durham PreK TA Pipeline

Since Durham PreK will set high quality standards, Durham County Government wants to support community based early education programs in their work towards meeting these standards through a Technical Assistance (TA) pipeline. Programs in the pipeline will receive:

  • weekly on-site coaching/TA
  • support around professional development and education planning
  • TA related to the Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS™) domains and dimensions
  • leadership development for early education program directors
  • other supports toward goals identified by individual classroom quality improvement plans

What does it cost to receive TA?

Your time and commitment to quality improvement is the only cost. This is a free service. Durham PreK TA services are funded through Durham County Government.

Is my center eligible for the Durham PreK pipeline?

Yes, if you:

  • Are located in Durham County
  • Have capacity to serve four-year-olds
  • Are currently a 3-5 star licensed center

What if our center doesn’t meet these requirements, but we are still interested in becoming a Durham PreK site?

Programs that are legally operating unlicensed, GS110, or currently below 3 Stars can contact CCSA regarding additional TA services offered.

If my program is accepted into the TA pipeline does that guarantee that my site will be a Durham PreK site?

No, although to be considered for Durham PreK, it is favorable that your program is in the Durham PreK pipeline, it is not a guarantee that your site will automatically become a Durham PreK site. A separate application and selection process will be developed for selection as a Durham PreK site.

We are no longer accepting applications for Durham PreK’s TA Pipeline Fall 2018 cohort. Stay tuned for our next TA Pipeline application period.

Durham PreK TA Pipeline Application Documents and Scoring Rubric:

Fall 2018 Durham PreK TA Pipeline Application

Fall 2018 Durham PreK TA Pipeline Demographics Chart

Fall 2018 Durham PreK TA Pipeline Scoring Rubric

Want more information?

Read our Durham PreK FAQ

Or call CCSA at 919-403-6950 or email durhamprek@childcareservices.org

Becoming a Durham PreK Site

How do you become a Durham PreK Site?

CCSA will release our first RFA to become a Durham PreK site in December of 2018. A limited number of classrooms will be chosen to start as a Durham PreK site in winter of 2019. CCSA will release a second RFA in early spring of 2019 for sites to apply to become 2019-2020 Durham PreK sites.

How will classrooms be chosen?

A review committee will select Durham PreK sites from applications based upon a scoring rubric. The Durham PreK quality standards will be used to select classrooms.