Enhanced Referrals

Enhanced Child Care Education and Referral Services include more one-on-one, extended contact with families and include the following:

  • Additional educational materials on the importance of quality child care and how it matters to children’s development
  • Current, up-to-date vacancy information for selected providers/programs
  • Information and assistance with accessing different child care subsidy programs, including:
    • Information on eligibility guidelines
    • Copies of application(s)
    • Assistance completing applications
    • Identification of child care providers accepting subsidy vouchers/scholarships
  • Referrals to programs willing to provide non-traditional-hour care (care for evenings/nights, weekends, rotating or varying schedules etc.)
  • Counselor-assisted visits to high quality child care programs, consisting of coaching and guidance on how to identify a high quality, safe and healthy child care setting (offered in-person on-site or virtually)
  • Follow-up with families until care has been selected
  • Additional follow-up information on the federal and state Earned Income Tax Credits
  • Parenting information on assisting children through stressful transitions
  • Enhanced referrals to other community-based social services assisting families in financial crisis

Enhanced Programs

Durham Enhanced Referral Services

CCSA’s Child Care Education and Enhanced Referral Program helps children arrive at school healthy and ready to succeed by helping them access high quality child care programs which emphasize education and learning, and support all domains of young children’s development.

Families who live in Durham County and are low-income, teen parents, families in transitional or temporary housing, Spanish-speaking, or have a child with an identified special need quality for these enhanced services.

Learn more about our funder, Durham’s Partnership for Children


Enhanced Child Care Services: Empowering Your Employees, Elevating Your Company

We recognize that a thriving workplace values both professional excellence and personal well-being. Child Care Referral Central’s employee-sponsored Enhanced Child Care Education and Referral Services are designed to enhance your company’s family-friendly practices and support your employees in achieving their best.

Benefits for Your Company:

Boost Productivity: By alleviating child care challenges, you’re promoting a more focused and engaged workforce.

Attract Top Talent: Showcasing your commitment to work-life balance and employee support helps you stand out as an employer of choice.

Enhance Company Culture: Foster a positive environment where employees feel valued and understood.

Benefits for Your Employees:

Tailored Solutions: Our services provide personalized child care options based on individual needs and preferences.

Reduce Stress: Offering reliable child care resources reduces the stress of balancing work and family responsibilities.

Improved Morale: Empower your team with tools to manage their personal and professional lives effectively.

Contact Christy Thalheimer, Child Care Referral Director, to discuss integrating these enhanced child care services into your employee benefits package: Email: christyt@childcareservices.org

Join Us in Creating a Better Work-Life Balance

By choosing our enhanced child care services, you’re taking a step toward creating a workplace where both employees and your company can flourish. Reach out to us today to start elevating your company culture.