The Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS®) is an observation instrument developed to assess classroom quality in infant through third-grade classrooms. CLASS® helps teachers foster a secure, supportive base for learning and exploration.  Providers learn how to nurture children’s early learning while responding to their needs. Over 200 research studies demonstrate that children in classrooms with more effective teacher-student interactions, as measured by CLASS ®, have better social and academic outcomes.

At CCSA, the Technical Assistance department offers the following CLASS® opportunities.

Two Day Observation Training (Infant, Toddler and PreK)

A certified CLASS® trainer leads participants in a two-day training where participants gain an in-depth understanding of the CLASS® methodology and prepare to reliability assess teaching quality using CLASS®. At the end of each training, participants have the opportunity to take a test to become a Certified Observer for either Infant, Toddler or PreK CLASS.

Making the Most of Classroom Interactions (MMCI Group Coaching) (Infant/Toddler and PreK)

A certified MMCI trainer leads a 12 session interactive group training with teachers. During these sessions, they have the opportunity to dissect each dimension of the CLASS® tool to recognize the impact of their interactions with children on children’s learning and development. Activities are designed to help them define and identify teacher-child interactions as described by the CLASS® observation tool. They will use the CLASS® lens as a framework for observing the key interactions in classroom videos that make a difference for children’s learning. The goal is getting teacher to see that interactions matter, and to understand how the way they interact with their children directly impacts a child’s development. Along with the MMCI series, we offer Technical Assistance to support each teacher’s application of their learning to their individual classroom. Teachers receive CEUs towards professional certification. 

CLASS® Assessments (Infant, Toddler and PreK)

A certified CLASS® observer uses the age-specific CLASS® tool to conduct an assessment over the span of 4, 15-20 minute cycles. The observer watches classroom interactions (mostly focused on the teacher) and takes notes followed by a 10-minute period for recording codes. The assessment typically lasts about 2 hours and begins at the start of the day. 

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