Provider Profile Portal FAQs

  • What is the Provider Profile Portal?

    CCSA uses the industry standard WorkLife System (WLS) web-based child care resource and referral software system. The Provider Profile Portal enables you and your assigned Referral Specialist to collect and store specific information about your program. The information you enter into the Portal is used to match families in need of child care with available care options and to inform decisions about programmatic and financial policies to support child care programs. You can also upload photos and descriptions so parent can have access to a “virtual tour” of your program.

  • I am NOT able to access the Portal using my email address and/or Password. What should I do?

    Use the email address at which you received the DCDEE/Portal notification. If you can not remember or do not have a password, click on the Request Password button on the Login screen.

    If you receive the message, “We’re sorry, but we are unable to find the email you entered. Please try again or call us.”,

    Email or call 1-855-327-5933 to request an email address update.

  • Email Reminders: Who sends them and when?

    At the beginning of each month, all programs listed in our referral database system will receive an email reminder to update their status and vacancies through the Provider Profile Portal. The email will come from the North Carolina Child Care Resource & Referral Council with the email address Be sure add this email address to your contact list and/or check your spam or junk folders for some domains like Yahoo and AOL. If you are not receiving these reminder emails, check your spam folder or call us for assistance at 1-855-327-5933.

  • Do I also have to log into the DCDEE portal?

    You should continue to log into the NC FAST Provider Portal to enroll and re-enroll in the Subsidized Child Care Assistance Program, manage attendance rosters and accept or reject vouchers. Updating your open or temporarily closed status in the Provider Profile Portal does not impact your attendance rosters of payment for NC FAST.

  • Is this the same portal I use to submit attendance for the NC Emergency School-Age Family Support Aid?

    No. This Provider Profile Portal is directly linked to the Find Child Care NC Hotline. Follow these directions to submit information for the School-Age Emergency funds.

  • My program is open, but we had to close temporarily due to a confirmed COVID-19 case. Should I answer Yes or No to question #1?

    When you log in to the Provider Profile Portal, you will have the opportunity to update your program’s open/closed status.

    • The first question asks “Is your program currently open?”
    • If you are temporarily closed, choose “No – my program is closed right now.”
    • Once you re-open, you can update this status to “yes.”
  • What if I do NOT have any current openings?
    1. Respond “No” to the second question, “Do you have openings available to enroll additional children?”
    2. Click Save and then update data in the Program Data by Age section of your full profile.
    3. Add ‘0’ in the column labeled “FT Openings” for any age group you serve and have no current openings.
  • I forgot to update my program information in the Provider Profile Portal. Now what?

    No worries. You can sign into the Provider Profile Portal and update your information at any time. Use this link to access the Portal. Then enter your email address and password.

  • I have openings, but due to COVID-19, I am not accepting new families at this time. How do I record openings and enrollment?
    1. Answer “Yes” to the first question, “Is your program currently open?”
    2. Answer “No” to the second question, “Do you have openings available to enroll additional children?”

    Since you will update this information weekly, you can always reply “Yes” to the second question once you begin accepting new enrollments.

  • Which fields in the Provider Profile Portal should I update monthly?

    On a monthly basis, you will answer the following questions.

    FIRSTLY, “Is your program Open?”

    • If you answer “No,” click Save and exit the portal.
    • If you answer “Yes,” a SECOND question will appear: “Do you have openings available to enroll additional children?”
      • If you answer “No,” click Save and exit the portal.
      • If you answer “Yes,” a THIRD question will prompt you to enter the number of openings and the number of children enrolled for each age group. Click Save and exit the portal.

    You are welcome to update the other fields in your profile; however, this is only necessary for the very first time you login. After updating once, you only need to update fields annually or when there are changes in your program.

    If you would like to learn more about updating the other fields in your record, watch this informational video.

  • Should I make changes to my profile in the Update Data tab if nothing has changed from the previous week?

    You are welcome to update the other fields in your profile; however, this is only necessary for the very first time you log in. After updating once, you only need to update ALL fields annually or when there are changes in your program.

  • I updated my status and profile and I need to make a change, but now I am not able to save any of my changes.

    Once you submit your updates for the week and click on the GREEN SAVE button, your changes are then reviewed by a Child Care Referral Central Specialist. Once your updates have been reviewed, the specialist will approve for publishing or call/email you with additional clarifying questions. Only once your profile has been approved for publishing, will you then be able to make additional changes. If you would like to have information changed before the review of a previously submitted update is complete, call 1-855-327-5933 and a Referral Specialist will be happy to help you access your profile.

  • How do I record enrollment and openings for our second and/or third shift?

    Only record first shift openings and enrollment in the Age Group chart. For other shifts, click on the “Our Schedule” accordion menu. Check the appropriate Schedule options (i.e., evening, 24 hours, overnight, weekend). Then add your openings for ages in the “Schedule Notes” comment box. Total Openings (under the age group chart) should reflect first shift only, as well.

  • How do I record my rates in the Provider Profile Portal?

    Enter your rates in the “Program Data by Age” tab. There are several options to record pay frequency. For each age group that you serve, enter either the full-time (FT) Weekly and FT Monthly Rate. (Please note: Our staff will calculate and add information into the other rate type, as we need both rates for education/research purposes.)

    If you do not serve a particular age group, do not enter a value.

    Part-time rates can be entered in the PT Weekly Rate column.

    Any additional fees, like enrollment, supply or late payment fees, can be identified with a checkmark under the “Business Policies/Practices” section and explanations/amounts can be added to the comment box above labeled “Schedule notes.”

  • I previously made changes to some of the information in my profile, but those changes are not reflected. What happened?

    There are some fields and information that can not be left blank or that get updated by CCSA staff based on data validation with multiple, external sources.

    • Your rate fields should not be left blank. This information helps to inform parent choices as well as educate the community and inform public policy and advocacy efforts.
    • Other fields that will be updated by our staff include
      • Program Type
      • Accreditation
      • Financial Assistance: Enrolled in NC Child Care Subsidy Program
      • Scholarship offered by CCRR
      • Smart Start Subsidy
      • Military Subsidy
      • Environment: Breast Feeding Friendly Designation.

    If you would like to request information about any of the above listed fields, please contact us at 1-855-327-5933.

  • It is recommended to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as the web browser when accessing the Provider Profile Portal. How do I know which one I am using?

    From your desktop, in the browser’s toolbar, click on “Help” or Settings. Click on “default browser” and you can see which is your default browser.