Programs to Improve Child Care Quality

Programs to Improve Child Care Quality

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Child care providers are an integral part of the child care system. It is important that these providers be considered professionals: men and women, who create the very best environment for young children to grow, develop and enter school ready to learn. Child Care Services Association (CCSA) offers a variety of professional development opportunities for child care providers and encourages providers to enroll in early childhood courses at local community colleges or universities.

Child Care Services Association makes it easy for those working with young children to get the help they need, including scholarships for higher education, salary supplements to keep them in the field, support in achieving a higher level of licensure, workshops yielding credit hours toward the Childhood Development Associate (CDA) credential, and nutritionally balanced meals for the children in their care.

Check the links at the left for a few of the resources available to help early care and education professionals advance in their careers and continue to improve the quality of care available to children.

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