Thanks in part to salary supplements provided by the WAGE$ Program, Carrie Theall, the Executive Director for the Alamance County Partnership for Children, explains that Alamance has been able to significantly increase the overall education level and retention of their child care workforce, which in turn greatly benefits the children in their care.

Erica Booker is a long-time participant of WAGE$, and has received awards based on having a Bachelor’s Degree with significant coursework focused on children ages birth to five. She has remained in her current program since 2003! She is not only a recipient, but a member of our Advisory Committee. Here, Erica talks about how WAGE$ has helped her stay in her child care center and other ways it has made a difference in her life.

After receiving WAGE$ for many years, Shartarka Carmon was such a strong advocate for the program that she was invited to join and share her knowledge and experience with our Advisory Committee. In this video she talks about how WAGE$ helped her achieve her degrees! She now helps other teachers access the program.


Stacey Graham always loved working with children and started out as a substitute in the public schools. A friend opened a family child care home and shared how much she loved it and how rewarding it was. Stacey decided to follow suit and hasn’t looked back. She has operated her own program since 2007 and from the outset she understood the importance of… [Read More]

I don’t always look back at my own journey. Doing so lets me know I’ve been through a lot and I made it. I’m still making it. I’ll have my Bachelor’s degree soon!” Naukisha Wray-Darity is now back in school after many years without the financial means to do so. She had exhausted her pell grant and federal funding on past education and her center was not originally participating on the T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood® Scholarship Program because… [Read More]

I had to work when I was 15 years old,” said WAGE$ participant Maria Milla. “My country, Honduras, is very difficult, very poor. I had to move to a bigger city and live with relatives to be able to study. I wanted to be a teacher, but that required day classes. I had to work during the day, so I studied something else, but my dream was always to be a teacher. When I played school as I child, I was always the teacher!” Maria’s dream came true when… [Read More]


“WAGE$ provides teachers an incentive to further their education. Participating in WAGE$ is equivalent to receiving a bonus each year or recognition for your efforts to increase your knowledge to become more effective in the classroom. Our staff loves Child Care WAGE$® and the excitement demonstrated when I inform a teacher that WAGE$ just called for an employment confirmation is no less than a child on Christmas morning.” (participating director)

“WAGE$ was a real inspiration for me to complete my four-year degree. … Child care is one of the lowest paying jobs, but is a super important one! It takes a special person to work with children. The WAGE$ Program helps make up the difference and encourages workers to continue their education in order to help the field develop.” (participating teacher)

“Thank you for seeing how important quality child care is and for providing us, the workers, with this supplement. Without it, many good teachers wouldn’t be in child care and many children wouldn’t be able to have a high quality child care experience. This supplement is so appreciated.” (participating teacher)

“I think the supplement is the best thing ever! I thank you from the bottom of my heart, because the supplement has been an inspiration to me and others to stay in this field and to keep helping children in our community.” (participating teacher)