Vendor Information

How to do business with Child Care Services Association


Child Care Services Association purchases a wide variety of materials and services through a centralized purchasing system. The purpose of this guide is to acquaint you with the agency’s purchasing policies and procedures and explain how you can do business with CCSA. If this guide does not answer all your questions, please call us at (919) 967-3272.

Sales Calls and Contacts

Agency hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Courtesy visits are not encouraged as they can disrupt the daily workflow and, in many cases, the person you want to see will be unavailable. To save time and ensure you receive adequate attention, please register via the procedure detailed below.

Vendor Registration

Firms interested in conducting business with Child Care Services Association should send a letter, on company letterhead, stating which products/services you wish to offer to the agency. Please include references of other customers, particularly other non-profit and/or government-funded organizations, with whom you currently do business. Licensed contractors should include pertinent license information (number and classification).

Address the letter to:

Operations Manager, CCSA
PO Box 901
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Purchase Authorizations

Child Care Services Association utilizes a formal purchase requisition system. Under no circumstances should a vendor accept/process a requisition without a properly authorized Purchase Requisition Form. CCSA will not process any request for payment for goods or services delivered without this Purchase Requisition.

Billing and Payment

The Purchase Requisition number MUST appear on all invoices, shipping tags and all correspondence relevant to the requisition. Payment is made only upon the complete delivery and acceptance of all materials, equipment or services as specified on the Purchase Requisition. Partial payments are not made unless negotiated with the buyer in advance and specified on the Purchase Requisition. Every attempt will be made to process payments within 30 days.

Important: The billing address is PO Box 901, Chapel Hill, NC 27514. Please do not assume the billing address is the same as the delivery address. The Purchase Requisition also indicates whom to contact if you have questions regarding payment of invoices. Invoices may be returned to the vendor if mailed incorrectly.


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