Our research team conducts comprehensive studies, created and maintains the North Carolina Early Care and Education Data Repository and provides data resources to improve child care.

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While overall program quality is important, a child’s teacher is the backbone of their experience in an early care and education program. An early care and education workforce study focuses on the education, experience, pay, benefits, turnover and demographics of the workforce, including directors, teaching staff and family child care providers, providing useful information to policymakers and program creators.

CCSA Releases 2019 North Carolina Child Care Workforce Study

In 2019, with funding from the Division of Child Development and Early Education (DCDEE), Child Care Services Association (CCSA) conducted the North Carolina Early Childhood Workforce Study. Data were collected from programs in every county across the state. This report summarizes key findings from directors, teachers, assistant teachers and family child care providers who participated. Additionally, information gathered from this study is compared to similar studies conducted by CCSA in 2015, 2014, 2011 and 2003. The data for this study were collected prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Each number and quote should be attributed to Child Care Services Association with a footnote or in-text citation, rather than simply listing Child Care Services Association on a bibliography page.

Our Approach to Research

Child Care Services Association (CCSA) recognizes that information is the first step to improving an early care and education (ECE) system. Comprehensive, accurate data helps researchers and advocates identify interventions to improve working conditions for child care providers, increase the quality of care, provide better supports for families and more. For this reason, CCSA’s research department conducts a variety of studies that explore issues related to early care and education.

Since the 90s, CCSA has been known for our comprehensive data on North Carolina’s ECE workforce, including information on compensation, working conditions, education, turnover and more. Our historical perspective on the field helps define a roadmap to growth. 

In addition to county and statewide workforce assessments, CCSA has researched and reported on topics such as teacher turnover, supply and demand, subsidy, careers in early childhood, child care fees, after school care, child care system issues and more. These studies arm policymakers in our state local governments, and stakeholders in our communities with the information they need to fortify the early care and education system.

CCSA wants data on the ECE system to be both widely available and easy to understand, for researchers, providers and families alike. To help make this a reality, we created the North Carolina Early Care and Education Data Repository. With this tool, users can find ECE data gathered from multiple sources, all in one place. Users can explore county- or state-level data in four different topic areas, with easily downloadable fact sheets or excel files. 

Most of the information collected by CCSA’s research staff comes from surveys mailed to ECE providers or families who use ECE programs. Additional information comes from state and national databases.

All research conducted by CCSA is paid for by contracts between a private or public agency requesting the information and CCSA.

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