Durham PreK

Durham PreK is Durham County’s local investment in high-quality early childhood education for all four-year-old children in Durham County. Key components of Durham PreK include improved pay and professional development for teachers, intensive technical assistance with early educators designed to raise quality and work with local educational institutions to increase and improve the supply of early education teachers.

Child Care Services Association (CCSA) serves as the management agency for Durham County Government and collaborates with the PreK Partners—Durham’s Partnership for Children (DPfC), Chapel Hill Training and Outreach Project (CHTOP), Durham Public Schools (DPS), Book Harvest, Durham Children’s Initiative and Welcome Baby—to enhance quality and expand accessibility of all public pre-K seats in Durham County.

In 2019, Durham PreK opened five pilot classrooms across Durham County. Then, in August 2019, Durham PreK began its first full school year with 16 sites and 28 classrooms. Durham PreK will grow incrementally over time to meet the full community need for publicly supported high-quality early education. For more information about Durham PreK, please visit Durham PreK’s website.

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