Durham PreK Provides Hope to Early Childhood Education in North Carolina

In this article about the challenges facing the child care sector in North Carolina, Durham PreK serves as a glimmer of hope. Linda Chappel, Senior Vice President of Child Care Services Association, and County Commissioner Wendy Jacobs, discuss the importance of Durham County’s local investment in ensuring young learners are not left behind due to unaffordable care.

Durham PreK provides high-quality universal preschool services to four-year-olds by supporting centers and directors throughout the county. Thanks to the support of the community and local elected officials, the program, which began in 2018, continues on a trajectory of expansion despite the many difficulties facing the broader early childhood ecosystem in North Carolina.

One Durham PreK director, Michele Miller-Cox of First Presbyterian Day School, believes “Child care plays a huge role in the business success of this state.” Read more to learn about how Durham PreK supports Durham families and the workforce at large while enriching and nurturing the lives of children across the community.

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