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The T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood® Scholarship Program offers a variety of different scholarships in partnership with North Carolina community colleges and 16 universities offering degrees in early childhood education and child development.


Eligibility for most comprehensive scholarships includes early childhood teachers, directors and family home providers who:

  • Work 30 hours or more per week in a North Carolina licensed child care facility
    • Minimum/maximum number of hours differs for Part-Day programs, CDA Direct Assessment, Practicum Only, and Associate Scholars applicants
    • Scholarships also available to early education specialists working on behalf of early educators, as well as infants, toddlers, and young children or their families

Additional eligibility requirements can include:

  • For an Administration Credential – Employment as a director/administrator
  • For an Early Education Certificate – Already have taken EDU 119
  • For CDA Direct Assessment or CDA Renewal Scholarships – Have already received their certificate or renewal certificate along with proof of payment
  • For Bachelor’s Degree – Have no less than 55 transferable credit hours, be eligible for university admission as an in-state student, and have worked at least 1 year in child care in North Carolina
    • If only pursuing the practicum, then just the university admission and North Carolina work history requirements apply
  • For Birth-Kindergarten Licensure – Have a bachelor’s degree and need a maximum of 45 credit hours to earn certification
    • If only pursuing the practicum, then just a bachelor’s degree
  • For Working Scholars – Able to enroll and complete 6 credit hours per semester at a community college or participating university toward an early childhood education or child development degree
  • For Associate Scholars – Be enrolled, or eligible to enroll, in a maximum of 12 credit hours per semester in a NC community college Early Childhood program
  • For Preschool Add-On Licensure – Be admitted into a Child Development or Family & Consumer Science program at a participating university and hold a license in Child Development, Family & Consumer Science, or Special Education
  • For Master’s Degree – Have a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education or related field, or bachelor’s degree in an unrelated field with at least 12 credit hours in Early Childhood Education
    • Available for early childhood professionals in both licensed facilities and elsewhere in the early childhood field
  • For Early Care and Community Specialists – Provide a written job description, a letter of support from employer, 2 professional references, an essay demonstrating commitment to young children, and:
    • Be eligible to enroll in a North Carolina community college’s early childhood associate degree program,
    • Have no less than 55 transferable credit hours into a participating university’s child development program, or
    • Have a bachelor’s degree in any field and taking bachelor’s/graduate-level course work in Child Development, Early Childhood Education, or Early Childhood Mental Health (graduate level only)
  • For the Leadership in Infant and Toddler Learning (LITL) Post-Baccalaureate Certificate
    • Work in a licensed child care facility as a teacher or director caring for infants and toddlers or work with these individuals in a specialized technical assistance or professional development capacity, earning no more than $58,000 annually
      • Have and provide a copy of your Technical Assistance Practitioner Endorsement or your Professional Development Endorsement certificate from the NC Institute for Child Development Professionals (for non-facility based professionals)
    • Have a bachelor’s degree in early childhood or a related field and be enrolled in the LITL program at UNC-G
    • Receive approval/sponsorship from employer, and
    • Submit the Intent to Apply form with scholarship application

We currently have 20 applications available here for our various scholarships. Learn more about each scholarship and how to apply here.


  • Can staff participate on T.E.A.C.H. if they are receiving a Pell Grant or other financial aid?

    Yes, T.E.A.C.H. encourages participants to apply for financial aid. If alternate sources of financial aid pay for tuition and/or books, T.E.A.C.H. is not able to reimburse for these costs.

  • Does T.E.A.C.H. help with online coursework?

    T.E.A.C.H. will help with online coursework if taken through a North Carolina community college or participating university and as long as the coursework is required for completion of a credential or degree. T.E.A.C.H. does not offer scholarships to attend out of state schools or correspondence schools.

  • What courses can T.E.A.C.H. pay for?

    T.E.A.C.H. will sponsor required courses needed to complete coursework towards your educational goals including developmental classes. The academic advisor at the community college can provide guidance regarding required courses and acceptable classes for the credential or degree being sought.

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