In-Depth Studies

CCSA’s research department conducts a variety of studies that explore issues related to early care and education.

Since the 90s, CCSA has been known for our comprehensive data on North Carolina’s ECE workforce, including information on compensation, working conditions, education, turnover and more. Our historical perspective on the field helps define a roadmap to growth. In addition to county and statewide workforce assessments, CCSA has researched and reported on topics such as teacher turnover, supply and demand, subsidy, careers in early childhood, child care fees, after school care, child care system issues and more. These studies arm policymakers in our state local governments, and stakeholders in our communities with the information they need to fortify the early care and education system.

Early Childhood System & Workforce Studies

Early Care & Education in Western North Carolina: An Overview to Better Serve Young Children, Families and Programs

In 2022, CCSA contracted with Dogwood Health Trust to conduct a study of early childhood education in 18 counties in western North Carolina. This report presents an overview of the early childhood education landscape across the geographical area served by Dogwood as of February 2022, and provides insights on changes due to the pandemic by comparing 2022 data with data from 2020 and 2019.

Leaving the Classroom: Addressing the Crisis of NC’s Early Childhood Turnover

In the spring of 2019, as part of the larger 2019 North Carolina Early Childhood Education Workforce study, CCSA had the rare opportunity to gather information from over 3,000 former birth to five classroom teachers. Read on to learn more about North Carolina’s teacher turnover crisis, what contributed to driving these teachers out of the classroom and where researchers, advocates and policymakers can step up to the plate.

Working in Early Care and Education in Buncombe County

With funding from the Buncombe County Partnership for Children, CCSA conducted a county-level survey of the early care and education workforce in Buncombe County from September 2018 through February 2019. Comparing the data from these surveys to statewide data from the most recent 2015 statewide workforce study reveal both similarities and differences between statewide and local data. Results from the 2019 statewide workforce study will be available in 2020 for future comparisons.

Working in Early Care and Education: Statewide Workforce Studies

Child Care Services Association has conducted a number of statewide studies to help shed light on issues related to the child care workforce. These studies have provided important information to policymakers in our state. Read studies from years 2019, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, and 2011.

Durham County Preschool Supply and Demand Study

In the fall of 2017, Durham County contracted with CCSA to conduct a countywide assessment of the supply and demand of early care and education services in the County. This Supply and Demand report provides new information about parents and their current preschool choices and arrangements, as well as their preferences.

Who’s Caring for Our Babies? Early Care and Education in North Carolina

Since the previous Who’s Caring For Our Babies? report in 2008, the state of North Carolina has made great strides in improving the quality of care for children birth through five years of age. However, the improvement in quality and availability of care for infants and toddlers, while certainly better, has not been as great. This study examines care in 2016 and shows how it has changed since 2008.

The State of Child Care

CCSA works with child care providers and businesses to improve the quality of available child care by offering training, technical assistance, educational scholarships, nutrition resources, salary supplements and more. These reports are designed to further inform and educate all those invested in the availability, affordability and quality of area child care.

Careers in Early Childhood: A North Carolina Directory

Find the right early childhood career for you! From child care providers to trainers, regulators and consultants, there is a wide variety of job opportunities available in the field of early childhood. This directory is intended to help you explore the many careers available in early childhood and learn more about the steps you might take to obtain a certain position. It also includes a list of local community colleges that offer programs in early childhood. If you would like to learn more about a particular career path or the educational resources available to help you along the way, contact CCSA at (919) 967-3272.

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