On-Demand Self-Paced Webinars

On-demand training allows you to enroll any day of the year and work at your own pace, independent of others. They are accessible anywhere on a computer or mobile device! These trainings are convenient, easy-to-use and in an easy-to-learn format. With on-demand classes, you don’t have to adhere to a set schedule, and the number of classes you can take is virtually limitless. Everything is at your fingertips, whether you want to enhance your teaching practices, improve classroom management or gain skills to increase your ability to work with families. Click through the catalog of available webinars below to learn more or register.

  • Adult Learning and Why It Matters

    This training will explain distinguishing features of adult learning, support early childhood education specialists, trainers, and coaches in understanding their learning styles and strengths, provide specific techniques to promote adult learning and highlight how learning is unique to each individual. Click here to register.

  • An Introduction to Mentoring

    Mentoring is a relationship-based, adult learning strategy intended to promote and support an individual’s awareness and refinement of his or her professional learning process and teaching practices. This training is designed to provide mentors with general knowledge, skills, and abilities they will need to mentor teachers in a supported mentoring program. Come learn how to share your unique perspective with new teachers. Click here to register.

  • Culturally Responsive Practices in Your Classroom (English and Spanish)

    Prepare early childhood educators to foster inclusivity and diversity by implementing culturally responsive teaching strategies in PreK and preschool classrooms. Click here to register.


    Prácticas culturalmente receptivas en la clase

    Preparar a los educadores de la primera infancia para fomentar la inclusión y la diversidad mediante la implementación de estrategias de enseñanza culturalmente receptivas en las aulas de prekínder y preescolar. Haga clic para registrarse.

  • Enhancing Outdoor Play

    Are your kids actively engaged on the playground? Do you wish outside time could be more interesting? The Enhancing Outdoor Play workshop will help you take typical playground activities and kick them up a notch to make them more interesting, more engaging, more educational and more FUN! You will complete this workshop knowing how to identify your outdoor learning centers, connect outdoor activities with NC FELD and supplement basic playground equipment with simple items. You will also take away useful resources and ideas that you can implement the next day on your playground! Join us, please, and bring your imagination with you! Click here to register.

  • Family Engagement

    Research shows that when families are involved in their child’s child care program, children are more successful. This training will provide you with resources on how to create an environment that works collaboratively with families, along with examples of creative ways other programs support family engagement. Click here to register.

  • First Steps to Reading: Creating a Literacy-Rich Environment for Young Children

    Literacy is the foundation for reading, writing, communicating and socializing, and it starts in the early years. This course will provide knowledge of the importance of literacy development for children 0-5 years, along with some examples of ways to create a classroom environment that supports language. Click here to register.

  • Global Awareness: Understanding Its Role in Early Education

    This webinar provides an understanding of how implementing global awareness opportunities in early education environments can increase learning opportunities related various diversities. The webinar will also support early educators with the understanding of what global awareness is and its effectiveness in early education, as well as how to plan for global awareness learning opportunities. Click here to register.

  • I See You: Using Reflective Practice to Support Diversity in Early Education

    This webinar will provide insight into how reflective teaching practices can support early educators in implementing classroom materials that best represent children within their learning environment. The webinar will also support early educators with the understanding of how reflective practices can support teachers in building relationships with diverse children and families. Click here to register.

  • Learning to Listen, Learning to Teach: 12 Principles of Effective Teaching

    This workshop will focus on twelve principles of effective teaching. We will define and discuss what is an educator and the role of an educator. We will also create ideas for using these principles in teaching. Click here to register.

  • Mindfulness in the Pre-K Classroom: What You Need to Know (English and Spanish)

    Let’s explore the integration of mindfulness in the Pre-K classroom. By understanding and implementing mindfulness practices, Pre-K educators can nurture a supportive environment that enhances children’s social-emotional development and academic readiness. Click here to register.


    Mindfulness en el aula de preescolar: lo que necesita saber

    Explora la integración de la atención plena en el aula de prekínder. Al comprender e implementar prácticas de atención plena, los educadores de preescolar pueden fomentar un entorno de apoyo que mejore el desarrollo socioemocional y la preparación académica de los niños. Haga clic para registrarse.

  • Raising a Child Takes a Village: Promoting Resilience, Competency and Confidence in the Classroom

    Discover effective strategies to teach children respect for others, good social and communication skills, self-esteem, problem-solving and independence in your Pre-K classroom. Click here to register.

  • Unpacking ITERS-R: An Overview of the Infant/Toddler Environment Rating Scale – Revised Edition

    This on-demand course provides an overview of ITERS-R commonly used terms and definitions and explores specific requirements related to the seven subscales, items and indicators. Learners are required to have a copy of their Participant Guide to complete various activities. There is time set aside for pause and reflection. Click here to register.

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