PD/Continuing Education and Training Mission and Goals

CCSA’s Professional Development-Continuing Education and Training Department (PD-CE/T) provides quality learning events for adult learners in the early care and education field. The increased knowledge and skills of these professionals impact management and instruction in facilities caring for children birth-12 years of age.

CCSA has been approved as an accredited provider by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET), and Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are administered through the PD-CE/T. Of the broad four goals of CCSA, PD-CE/T aligns with Goal 2: Build capacity and support for the workforce to promote equitable, affordable access to quality early care and education for children and families; Section 2c: Improve quality through coaching, technical assistance and training.

CCSA’s PD-CE/T Department has established the following mission, vision and goals.


The PD-CE/T Department build capacity of quality learning events and support the early care workforce through earned CEUs.


All early care professions who complete training will advance skills and knowledge through quality training.


Goal 1: Increase capacity of new CEU learning events by 10-20% per year that focus on teaching and administrative practices

• Create, collaborate and approve quality learning events (self-assessment checklist for IACET)
• Secure qualified instructors
• Market learning events through online portal

Goal 2: Sustain the quality of learning events

• Assess the learning event through review of course evaluations by participants
• Access the quality of instruction through review of instructor evaluations
• Gather data to determine improvements as needed

Goal 3: Provide needed CEUs for meeting certification standards and licensure requirements

• Assess attendance of participants
• Assess completion of requirements of learning events by participants
• Distribute CEU certificates to successful participants