Are You Interested in Opening a New High Quality Child Care Center?

A Request for Applications has been released by Child Care Services Association (CCSA) on behalf of Durham County Government to identify a child care operator to lease a new early education program located at 300 East Main in Durham, NC. Applications are due by noon on January 26, 2024.  

Request for Applications: Child Care Center Operator

Project Summary and Background

300 East Main Street Child Care Center, Durham, NC 

On behalf of Durham County, Child Care Services Association (CCSA) issues a Request for  Applications (RFA) to lease and operate an on-site child care center located at 300 East Main  Street, Durham, NC. 

The facility will be on the first floor of the 300 East Main Street Redevelopment. The child care center will serve approximately 86 students (dependent upon age) and is being constructed as part of the affordable housing wrapper constructed by Laurel Street Residential (LSR). The affordable housing wrapper is being ground-leased to LSR and the child care center space will be subleased back to Durham County for operation of the space. 

It is intended that the child care center operator will provide high quality early childhood education, for children ages birth to 5, for families that live and/or work in Durham and in the surrounding housing community. 

This RFA is to result in a “Memorandum of Understanding” to operate the center which will lead to negotiating a lease with Durham County. Durham plans to issue an initial fifteen-year lease for an annual Rent & Common Area Maintenance (CAM), amount to be negotiated, with the option to extend this term for ongoing renewals of fifteen year periods. To meet the Durham  County early education goals, there is potential for an operator to negotiate an annual Rent &  Common Area Maintenance (CAM) agreement for a less than market rate amount with the option to extend this term for ongoing renewals of fifteen-year periods. 

All the construction dates in this RFA are estimates and may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances.

Please read the full Request for Applications.

Applications are due by noon on January 26, 2024.

300 East Main Q & A

The following questions were received regarding the 300 East Main RFA by email and during the open help sessions.

  • How many classrooms are accounted for?

    Depends on how the facility is designed. Based on the square footage the program should be able to serve between 80 and 85 children depending on the design created by the operator.