How Child Care Services Association Makes a Difference

As an innovator and incubator for solutions to child care issues, CCSA is proud to be a part of the many successes that are making high-quality child care available to all families and their children. For more than 45 years, CCSA has worked locally, statewide and nationally to fulfill this goal.

Whether through helping low‐income families afford quality child care, child care referrals, salary supplements for our underpaid early childhood educators or educational scholarships to allow the men and women who teach our young children to continue their own education, CCSA is dedicated to ensuring that our children grow up happy, healthy and ready to succeed.

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Annual Report


  • I’ve learned to make sure activities are developmentally appropriate and that the children have choices of activities.

    Early childhood educator

  • [NITTO was] helpful to remind us that children are ever learning from those around them. We are able to be positive supports in their development and growth, or we can miss teaching opportunities by focusing on the negative.

    NITTO participant

  • The WAGE$ Program is important because it rewards those teachers who have a passion to teach. It makes you happy, more confident and secure in knowing that you’re making a difference in the lives of the students that are in your care.

    participating teacher


  • Appreciating AWARD$ Plus: Doris Lee

    Doris Lee is a Dare County Early Childhood Professional and onsite Administrator of a 4 star licensed facility. She is a strong advocate for Early Childhood and strives every day to be an influential resource to her fellow teachers, the children and their families as she serves in the field. She wants to raise awareness about how child care needs are not being met, including fair compensation for early educators, and the resources that are not available. Doris said, “AWARD$ Plus allows me to be able to take care of my financial obligations along with my living expenses. Our line of work deserves competitive wages for teachers and administrators to feel appreciated and respected as they fight the good fight. Early childhood educators shouldn’t be financially struggling to maintain the basics of everyday life all because they chose to work with children.” 
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  • Appreciating AWARD$ Plus: Veronica Pigford

    Veronica Pigford loves working with two-year-olds, but she didn’t start with this age group. “I came here for a summer job when I was working in the public school system and I just fell in love with infants and toddlers,” Veronica said. “I love all the children, but I am so happy working with the twos. They love you so much. They cling to you. They appreciate you and are eager to learn new things. I really like being part of that.”
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