How Child Care Services Association Makes a Difference

As an innovator and incubator for solutions to child care issues, CCSA is proud to be a part of the many successes that are making high-quality child care available to all families and their children. For more than 45 years, CCSA has worked locally, statewide and nationally to fulfill this goal.

Whether through helping low‐income families afford quality child care, child care referrals, salary supplements for our underpaid early childhood educators or educational scholarships to allow the men and women who teach our young children to continue their own education, CCSA is dedicated to ensuring that our children grow up happy, healthy and ready to succeed.

Please consider making a gift to CCSA online or by calling Kara Shultz at (919) 969‐1927.

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Annual Report


  • Planning, shopping for and preparing nutritionally balanced and varied meals is one of the most difficult tasks a center faces. CCSA’s Meal Services Program saves me an unimaginable amount of time each day — and we are impressed with the quality of food served by the program.

    Director of participating center

  • The WAGE$ Program is important because it helps to boost my morale as an overwhelmed teacher. It means that I am seen as a valuable asset to the community, family and child.

    participating teacher

  • [My teachers] collaborated together and had great discussions about the class.

    Administrator of NITTO participant


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