It’s CACFP Week: Keep Children Active in Play with Bouncing!

young boy jumping in empty road with mountains behind him

This week is Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) Week! You can learn more about CACFP here.

Keeping children healthy involves more than just nutritious meals and exercising. Involve your children in the kitchen, let them pick out the produce at the grocery store and active play with them!

One activity you can do with your children involves a bouncing! Find a fun song to BOUNCE to.


Hold your infant snuggly and dance to the music. Model saying the word “bounce” as you dance, moving up and down.


Encourage toddlers to stand up and bounce, bending both knees. Encourage them to say, “Bounce!” while they dance. You can also have your toddler sit on a ball and bounce to the beat. Support your toddler if needed by sitting behind them and putting your hands on their hips to help them stay on top of the ball.


Use this same toddler activity with your preschooler. You can also model how you throw a ball with two hands on the ground and make it bounce. Encourage them to try and catch the ball when it bounces back up. If they can do that easily, model how you dribble a ball with one hand and encourage them to try, too.