A Deep Impact on Children and Families: CCSA’s 2022 Annual Report

Early Childhood Educators are the Workforce Behind our Workforce

Dear Friends, 

I am always amazed at the work Child Care Services Association does. As chair of the organization’s Board of Directors, I have the lucky position of seeing the good work this organization does for children, families and early childhood educators, and I am inspired and encouraged by it. 

CCSA believes in a bright future, one that is realized when all children have access to and can afford the high-quality child care that means so much. A good start in high-quality child care means everything for children, especially those that come from families earning low incomes or from vulnerable families. CCSA believes that kind of care and education should be available to all children, and we’re working toward that.

In this annual report, you will see the tremendous work this organization continues to do, day after day, to ensure that children receive high-quality child care, families receive the support they need and early childhood educators are compensated and recognized in a way that equals their importance to our communities. 

In 2022, CCSA President Marsha Basloe announced her retirement; on behalf of CCSA’s Board of Directors, we are so grateful for Marsha’s passionate leadership as she retires. Her dedication to early childhood education is one that I hope we can all emulate. 

As Marsha completes her tenure, we are excited about the new leadership Dr. Kristi Snuggs will bring to CCSA. We know she will build on a strong foundation built by our previous leaders—Sue Russell, Anna Carter and Marsha Basloe. Her state and national experience, commitment to building a strong early childhood workforce, and optimism for the future of early childhood education in the Triangle, across North Carolina and nationwide give us great confidence in the future success of CCSA. 

Finally, thank you so much for your continued partnership with and support of CCSA. It means everything to us and the children, families and early childhood educators with which we work. Thank you!

Download the annual report here or read it below.