Partnership: A Real Technical Assistance Story

“As a Technical Assistance Specialist I want to partner with child care providers and support their work. Every program has the ability to provide children with the best learning experience, but may need support and resources. I spend time working with providers to get to know their needs and we develop an individualized plan.

One 2-star family child care home recently wanted to work on improvements but was terrified of going through the Environmental Rating Scales. It took may months of encouraging. We got her connected with a T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood® scholarship. We helped her understand developmentally appropriate practices and discussed her classroom and her own schoolwork. She qualified for a grant to purchase materials and we did some room arrangement to enhance the environment. The parents noticed the changes and were giving more positive feedback.

When she got her score from the Environment Rating Scales assessment, I was so proud. She moved from a 2-star to a 4-star license. She is continuing to go to school and will soon be a 5-star program.

TA Specialists are the bridge between the different components of child care. We’re resources. What we don’t know we’ll figure out together -working in partnership.”

– Beverly Williams, TA Specialist