A Look at Salary/Wage Scales for the Early Childhood Educator Workforce

A look at salary/wage scales for the early childhood educator workforce

Child Care Services Association (CCSA) and its T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood ® National Center has long recognized that an essential element of high quality Early Care and Education (ECE) is a strong, educated workforce that nurtures and teaches young children. This workforce needs compensation levels that support both early childhood educators and their families, and enable the educators to remain in the field. At a time when national, state and local leaders are recognizing the need to radically change child care, CCSA and its National Center are excited that compensation is understood as vital to any plans being made.

To assist states and localities, we are pleased to share the following white paper: A Look at Salary/Wage Scales for the Early Childhood Educator Workforce. The white paper examines salary (wage) scales – what they are and what to consider when planning one. Specific state examples are offered, as well as a general discussion of the elements and characteristics of a salary schedule. Funding and instituting a well-designed salary or wage scale, one that provides transparent and equitable wage lattices and make ECE a competitive career once again, is one key strategy for rebuilding the ECE system. You can find the report here. We hope this is helpful in building or improving your state’s early childhood workforce salary scale.