ITITA’s Directors’ Leadership Academy Creates a Supportive Community During COVID-19

Joy and Katherine in Virtual Meeting

In this video, ITITA Specialist Joy Johnson speaks with Katherine Davis, Director of The Growing Place. Katherine shares how she began in the ECE field 24 years ago and how she made her way to the director. She speaks about how the Directors’ Leadership Academy has benefited her and how the ITITA Model Pilot project has impacted her and her child care center.

What is ITITA?

The Infant Toddler Intensive Technical Assistance (ITITA) Model Pilot is a three-year project funded by the N.C. Department of Child Development and Early Education (DCDEE) from September 2018 through September 2021. The primary goals of the model pilot project are to train and support technical assistance (TA) specialists to become ‘Master TAs.’ In addition, the project will determine if intensive, long-term support, based on strong relationships can sustain change and growth in early childhood providers. TAs are focusing on improving teacher-child interactions and leadership skills in directors, which in turn will provide better outcomes for children and families. This project is currently being piloted at Randolph County Partnership for Children, The Children’s Council of Watauga County and Child Care Resource Center in Region 10. Learn more about ITITA here.

Joy Johnson is an Infant-Toddler Specialist with the Infant-Toddler T/A Model Pilot Project in Randolph County. Joy has been in the early childhood field for 14 years. She began as an Early Head Start teacher for 8 years and then became an Education Mentor Coach for Head Start before joining the ITITA project.

Stay tuned for our next video blog where TA Specialist Lorrie Looper speaks with child care teacher Chris Wells!