A Data Snapshot of Young Children at Risk of Homelessness in North Carolina

CCSA Risk of Homelessness Data Snapshot featuring a photo of a Black woman and baby boy

I was fortunate to meet Dr. Rosalind Kotz at an advocacy meeting and subsequently learned of her passion for both early childhood and homelessness data. On top of that, I so appreciated her research background and amazing skills and knowledge from being in the fields of both early childhood and housing before she moved to N.C. from Upstate N.Y. Dr. Kotz knows data and was willing to volunteer her time to support our CCSA efforts serving vulnerable children.

There are many ways that volunteers can serve at Child Care Services Association (CCSA). Potential volunteers are screened to match their skills with agency needs. CCSA appreciates the service and commitment of those who volunteer with the agency.

This document, A Data Snapshot of Young Children at Risk of Homelessness in North Carolina, was designed to enhance our understanding of the risk factors associated with homelessness among North Carolina families with very young children (under age 6). It provides a basic demographic profile along with data on documented risk factors that include parental characteristics, economic conditions, and housing market factors. Data in this report is for the State of North Carolina.

Please note, the absence of data on key indicators should not diminish the significance of the risk factor. Rather, it reflects a need for a more systematic data collection and analysis.

There is no one factor that distinguishes homeless families from poor families. While homelessness presents unique challenges to parents of young children, many of the same core needs face all poor families, e.g., economic instability, limited work and educational achievements, and high housing costs.

We hope this information is helpful in our work to best meet to meet the needs of young children and families in our communities and in our state.

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